Hi, I'm Laura!

Lover of all things Disney, Horses & Photography

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website! I am a Wellington based Equine photographer. I started my small photography business in 2011 and I've been attending local equestrian events with my camera since. 

My Photography Story

My love for photography started from an early age - just like my love for horses. After finishing college with an Excellence in Photography, I had to make the decision of whether to attend University and accumulate a hefty student loan or go out into the world and find a job. I worked in a local fast-food restaurant for 4. 5 years while photographing at horse shows on the weekend. So putting the two together, I realised how passionate I was for equestrian event photography! I wanted to take photos of riders how I would want others to take photos of me and I have gained many loyal and lovely customers over the years who have supported me and encouraged me with everything.

My Horse Riding Story

After many years begging my parents, I was 15 years old when I got my first horse. She was a crazy thoroughbred who loved to jump. When I got older and lost some confidence, I got my beautiful one in a million horse Hope. She was a colourful Gisbornebred who loved strutting around the Pleasure classes. Our aim was to qualify for the Horse of the Year Show in Hastings, but it never quite happened. I haven't owned a horse for several years now, but I've had my hands full with my 6 year-old daughter.